Fruit Products and Consumables

MET Troika trades in almost all fruit products that are cultivated in India. Pulp (mango,guava,papaya) Puree (banana,tomato) Paste (tomato) Concentrate (mango,papaya,Pineapple) Slice (mango,pineapple) Jams (mixed fruit,mango, pineapple,orange,guava) Juices (mango, pineapple, orange) Squash (mango,guava,pineapple,orange) Sauce (tomato,soya,garlic,chilli) Ketchup (tomato) are all in our itinerary at present. The Company can supply these items in tins and tetra packs of various capacities and aseptically packed in pre-sterilized multi-layered aluminum bags in drums.

Reputed merchant export firm of Bombay that guarantees for the quality of its merchandise, service and relations